Getting breastfeeding guidance

Lactation Consultant Services


Breastfeeding a baby is glorious, with mothers dressed in white dresses and babies who are always smiling and content.

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and surely must not be difficult.

But then why do I show you this photo of myself with my newborn a few years back?

Unfortunately, it is sometimes not quite as easy. So, if breastfeeding is simply not getting off to a good start for you, breastfeeding is painful or stressful for you, you don’t actually know if everything is going as it should be, or you have hit a snag during your breastfeeding journey. Then it may be time to call a Lactation Consultant IBCLC.

I personally benefited immensely from the breastfeeding consultations. They helped me in giving me knowledge on what society somehow labeled natural to me but through the consultations I got a better understanding coupled with practical assistance that helped me with my feeding knowledge and techniques which was beneficial to both me and my newborn. Ultimately, I slowly got ushered into the joy of motherhood as my daughter fed and grew better


To learn more about what happens at a consultation, what other services you can benefit from, how much it costs and how to handle the costs, visit my Breastfeeding Consultation section.