Baby Groups, Classes and Activities

Baby sensibility
Baby & Toddler Development classes, Baby Sign Language classes, Caregiver training from 2 months old, Baby First Aid
Kirsten 0772-241013
Ocupational Therapy Zimbabwe
Childminder/Nanny courses, Mummia & Bambino class for a stimulating fun morning with your baby
Ballantyne Park
Mellissa 0775-007032
P.H.O.E.B.E Women’s Wellness Centre
Mothers and Babies Programm, engage in parenting discussions and gain useful resources. Supported by qualified Occupational Therapists, Nurses and Social Workers. For babies aged 0-2 years.
Wedsdays 9-11 am
136 Coronation Ave, Greendale
04-92223, Rufaro 0776-557776, Eugenia 733-021783, Rachel 0777-976443, Nyasha 0772-737745
Help babies and children communicate with all walks of life. Helping to reduce tantrums and anxiety. Also helps if they have any hearing disabilities.
Pam Frees 0773-600274