Baby sensibility

Baby & Toddler Development classes, Baby Sign Language classes, Caregiver training
from 2 months old, Baby First Aid
Mobile: Kirsten 0772-241013
Facebook page: babysensibility

Ocupational Therapy Zimbabwe

Childminder/Nanny courses, Mummia & Bambino class for a stimulating fun morning with your baby

Location:Ballantyne Park

Mobile: Mellissa 0775-007032

Facebook page: OTZimbabwe


P.H.O.E.B.E Women’s Wellness Centre

Mothers and Babies Programm, engage in parenting discussions and gain useful resources. Supported by qualified Occupational Therapists, Nurses and Social Workers. For baes aged 0-2 years.
Wedsdays 9-11 am
Location: 136 Coronation Ave, Greendale
Phone: 04-92223
Mobile: Rufaro 0776-557776, Eugenia 733-021783, Rachel 0777-976443, Nyasha 0772-737745
Facebook page: PHOEBECENTRE


My mission is to help babies and children communicate with all walks of life. Helping to reduce tantrums and anxiety. Also helps if they have any hearing disabilities.
16 lessons over a period of 16 weeks. Will teach your baby 100+ words. Older children will learn 500+ words.
Location: Borrowdale
Mobile: Pam Frees 0773-600274
Facebook page: Voices2Hands