Moms and Babes Swimming classes (heated pool)

Location: Emerald Hill
Mobile: Debbie Wetzlar 0777-228720
Facebook page: AquakidZimbabwe

Kirsty Coventry Academy

Baby swimming lessons

Location: Mt. Pleasant

Mobile: 0774-111601

Facebook page: kirstycoventryacademy

Mwana Swim School

Baby and Toddler Swimming, Moms and Baby swimming (heated pool)
Location: Avondale
Mobile: Mary Snook 0772-274609
Facebook page: MwanaSwimSchool

Splish Splash Academy

Antenatal swimming, Newborn and Baby swimming (heated pool)
Location: Mount Pleasant
Mobile: Carey Richards 0777 282525
Facebook page: SplishSplashAquaCenter

Water Bugs

Newborn and toddler swimming (heated pool)
Location: Greendale
Mobile: Tracey Pope 0776-404531
Facebook page: Water-Bugs-Swimming