AlanZoe Angels

Organisation dedicated to helping parents who are grieving the tragic loss of a baby due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth or early infant death.
Mobile: 0772-703400 and 0772-327014
Facebook page: alanzoeangels
Email: fchigz@gmail.com
Website: https://alanzoeangels.wixsite.com/website

Diabetics in Zimbabwe

I wanted to create a group for us to chat on and keep in touch… I am sure we have all at some point felt alone and need some assistance and hoping that this way we can help each other… Invite people you know and hopefully together we can grow this group.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/928906013864554/

Friendship Bench Project, Zimbabwe

The Friendship Bench project is an evidence-based intervention developed in Zimbabwe to bridge the mental health treatment gap. We value mental well-being and through the use of problem solving therapy delivered by lay health workers we are working to change the lives of people suffering from common mental disorders, focusing on anxiety and depression- kufungisisa. Friendship benches are a safe place for people struggling with anxiety and depression to find help. We are not conventional; our therapy rooms are outdoors under trees and our therapists are elderly Zimbabwean women. These women are city lay health workers who have become known as “community grandmothers”.
Location: https://www.friendshipbenchzimbabwe.org/active-benches
Facebook page: friendshipbenchzimbabwe

Infertility, IUI & IVF Zimbabwe Support Group

Facebook page: 155161995025948

La Leche League (LLLZim)

Breastfeeding Support Group, telephone help and free monthly meetings in private homes
Online facebook meeting
Mobile: LLL Leader Katinka 0773-083051
Mobile: LLL Leader Deirdre 0773-943216
WhatsAapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/26zdICez2puLE3sV6Y48nG
Facebook page: lllzim
Online meetings: LLLZimOnlineMeeting

Lupus Support Zimbabwe

Lupus Support Zimbabwe aims to encourage those living with and affected by lupus and connect them to those that understand.
Facebook page: lupussupportzim.zw

Moms and Tums Harare

Midwife Support Group for all pregnant and new moms. Meetings twice a month with baby weighing. Access to Midwife, Lactation Consultant and Nursery Nurse.
Location: 5 Lanark Rd, Milton Park
Mobile: Laurie Thompson 0772-901775
Mobile: Merete Horn 0772-363989
Mobile. Kate Evans 0772-387677
Facebook page: mumsandtumsharare

Myositis Support Group

This page is aimed at anyone suffering from auto-immune and linked diseases to share their experiences and get help and advice from others.
Facebook page: Zim-Myositis-Support-Group-293955670987346

Rare Conditions Support Group Zimbabwe

A support group. informative and non judgemental support
Facebook page: rareconditionssupportgroupzimbabwe2017

Reflux and GERD Support Group

WhatsApp group for affected families. Contact Nicola to be added.
Mobile: Nicola 0772-165950

Unquiet Minds

A group for those who suffer from depression or other mental illness to share and offer support.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1531541493740636

Zimbabweans with autoimmune disorders

This is a group set up to offer help, support advice etc that may be needed by all of us with Autoimmune disorders which as we know sometimes is sorely lacking.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1251087728286528/

Zimbabwe Diabetics Support Group

This page is for anyone living with Diabetes. This is is a platform to exchange ideas, information, recipes, experiences and mainly to help each other.
Facebook page: Zimbabwe-Diabetics-Support-Group-304880699863591


A strictly no advertising facebook group to ask questions regarding services, goods, or information that you may require and get answers from other members (also known as Viners).
Facebook page: zimvine