What moms had to say

“Having a baby with cleft palate was a shock, and noone including hospital staff really advised us on how feeding would best work. We were referred to Katinka by a friend, and literally the first session was such a break through. The service was delivered professionally but also soo warmly.” – Nothando

“Katinka was professional and very understanding of my issues. It was very refreshing to get assurance and professional advise from someone like her to put my worries at ease. I would highly recommend her to any new Mom she was a blessing.” – Donna

“Its an essential service that more people need to know about.” – Precious

“I personally benefited immensely from the breastfeeding consultations. They helped me in giving me knowledge on what society somehow labeled natural to me but through the consultations I got a better understanding coupled with practical assistance that helped me with my feeding knowledge and techniques which was beneficial to both me and my newborn. Ultimately I slowly got ushered into the joy of motherhood as my daughter fed and grew better. I am grateful.” – Juliana

“Katinka has a great demeanour and is great at explaining what the challenges you are facing are and how to resolve them. Awesome service!” – A mother

“Katinka was amazing! Answered my text request & came that afternoon. She sat with me and made me feel so comfortable and showed me the right way for my son to latch. Very professional, helpful & kind. I have recommended her to all my friends!” – A mother

“From struggling so much with my first baby… to such amazing feeds with my second, Katinka was such an amazing help and support and always answered all my questions and concerns even over message following our appointment.” – Janna

“The help I received literally saved my sanity I would never have been able to start breastfeeding as a new mom so quickly, Katinka save me a lot of tears and frustration.” – Gisela

“I would not have carried on breastfeeding without this support.” – Clea

“I had a little white pimple on my nipple and I had a latching problem, it hurt so bad when I breastfed. When I called the specialist she I was lucky she could see me on the day and was glad she could come to my house. The specialist was informative and made me comfortable. The pimple disappeared when I finished feeding the baby. It’s been 2 weeks and it hasn’t appeared since and I’m enjoying breastfeeding.”

“I would like to just say thank you again for all the help I received right from the start. I realised I was struggling with breastfeeding from the onset and immediately got in touch. You came to my home that afternoon that I was discharged from the hospital and got to know a bit about me and then got onto to trying to latch my daughter Amora, that was my struggle but we persevered through, it was unfortunately very sore but you helped me get through it. That first day I felt so much better about it all. Amora is now nearly 7 weeks and throughout these 7 weeks you have been such a support and help as I dealt with thrush, sore, cracked, bleeding nipples, and mastitis. I could never have gone through all of that without you Katinka. You kept me strong, positive and hopeful in everyway. Thank you so much for being amazing and helping me get through it all as well as all the tips and advice with other things with my baby.” – Hayley

“I had a wonderful consult with katinka made to feel very comfortable. She is extremely thorough with all aspects of baby and yourselves wellbeing and has made a complete change in my feeding.” – Tamara