The Possums Approach is turning mainstream sleep advice on its head.

The Possums Sleep Programme

The Possums Approach is working with the natural, biological processes in your baby’s body. It teaches you how to remove obstacles to healthy sleep.

  • No delayed responses to cues
  • No feed-play-sleep cycles
  • No sleep algorithms
  • Not problematising stimulation
  • No sleep breeds sleep
  • No self-soothing
  • No universal tired cues

If this list speaks to you then you are in the right place.

The Possums Sleep Programme draws the latest research in neuroscience, sleep science, and infant attachment to bring you proven strategies for less disrupted sleep, at the same time as you support your baby’s optimal development.

  • Cued care
  • Focusing on the biology of sleep
  • Removing obstacles to a healthy regulation of infant sleep
  • Supporting a rich sesory diet
  • Promoting safe sleeping
  • Making lifestyle recommendations to support healthful sleep
  • Promote parent and baby relaxation

It offers you strategies from a new evidence-based psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT, to help you live with vitality and meaning in the midst of this demanding time of life.

Possums Sleep Film: Foundations for Healthy Parent-Baby Sleep, watch the trailer here:

Possums Sleep Programme Workshop in Harare

The workshop runs over 2 days. We will work through the Possums Sleep Workbook and see the Possums Sleep Film. The goal of the workshop is for participants to take control, learn about sleep science and create an action plan towards better sleep.

Participants of the workshop get a 30% discount on a Breastfeeding Consultation if there is need to look at feeding as a possible obstacle to sleep.

See you at the Workshop!