Breast Flanges – smaller: 22mm, larger: 28/31/36mm
Breastmilk Storage Bags – Easy Freeze
Breastmilk Storage Bottle
Healing Wool
Kombikit – The Handle
Microwave Steriliser bags – Easy Clean
Nipple Shields – Tulips, Size M/L
Pumping Bra Kit – Simplicity
Pumpset kit – The Tubing
Silicone Breast Flange – Optiflow
SpecialNeeds Feeder (Haberman Feeder)
SpecialNeeds Teat

Breast Flanges

A breast shell that does not fit correctly prevents efficient pumping and can cause pain.


Select the breast flange size that fits you to use with your Electric and Manual Pumps.


22 mm and 28 mm

31 mm and 36 mm


Breastmilk Storage Bags – Easy Freeze

Contains 20 pre-sterilised bags and 2 reusable cable ties. 180ml capacity.
Express directly into the pre-sterilised bags: Expressing into Easy Freeze Milk Storage bags.
Integrated warming strip integrated heat indicator on the bag will show when the milk is warm


Breastmilk Storage Bottle

Breastmilk storage bottles with 150 ml capacity, for safe storage in fridge and freezer.

Currently out of stock!

Healing Wool

100 % pure sheep wool with naturally contained, soothing wool fat (lanolin). Relieves nappy rash, inflammation of the nipple, keeps breast warm and heals infections. 10 g packet.


Kombikit – The Handle

The Kombkit converts the Ardo Pumpset into the Amaryll Manual Breastpump.

Do you own a Pumpset already and want to upgrade it to a Manual Breastpump? Easy! Perfect for moms who have used Breastpump Rental Service and want to continue manually expressing their milk after returning the rental pump.


Microwave Steriliser Bags – Easy Clean

5 bags for steam cleaning breastfeeding accessories such as bottles and pumpsets. 1 bag = 20 steam cleanings.


Nipple Shields – Tulips

Available in M and L sizes, with a storage box


Sizes M and L


Pumping Bra Kit – Simplicity™

One size fits all hands-free pumping bra. Simple to use the hands on pumping technique or read, work, play with your baby, talk on the phone or simply relax during pumping.


Different colours

Pumpset Kit – The Tubing

The Pumpset Kit converts the Amaryll Manual Breastpump to a Pumpset.

Perfect for moms who already own a Manual Breastpump and want to use the Breastpump Rental Service.


Safe and hygienic single pumpset for expressing.


Silicone Breast Flange – Optiflow

Soft silicone which gently, but actively, massages the areola.



SpecialNeeds Feeder (Haberman Feeder)

The SpecialNeeds Feeder is designed to allow the baby to use compression when they cannot create a vacuum to extract the liquid. The one-way valve prevents air from entering the teat. The caregiver can control the milk flow easily, thanks to the slit valve mechanism.

Special Needs Feeder

Using the Haberman Special Needs Feeder explained by Mandy Haberman

SpecialNeeds Teats

Spare teats for the SpecialNeeds Feeder.

Special Needs Teat