Ultrasound is a gentle treatment option to clear blocked ducts and engorgement and treat mastitis.

Ultrasound Massage is used for

  • Blocked Ducts
  • Mastitis (in absence of inflammation, after inflammation has resolved about 48 hours after antibiotic treatment has begun)
  • Engorgement

How does Ultrasound Massage work?

Ultrasound is a sound wave which has a frequency of greater than 20 KHz, which is outside of what we can hear. Ultrasound works though gentle vibration that warms, massages and increases blood flow, stimulates the immune system and reduces swelling.


I use the German made UltraMed Pro with a continuous ultrasound of 1 MHz, and the German made Novafon Pro with audible intrasonic waves. Treatments can be done during a consultation in the comfort of your home. You may need between 1 and 2 treatments. A treatment takes between 5 and 10 minutes. After the treatment a good feeding or pumping is recommended.

Ultrasound Massage USD 10.00

More information

If you like reading, here is a very encouraging study on the effectiveness of Ultrasound that was published in 2012: Ultrasound as a treatment of mammary blocked duct among 25 postpartum lactating women: a retrospective case series. The study concludes that Ultrasound was a beneficial treatment.

Dr. Jack Newman, MD, has important information for general management of blocked ducts and mastitis and the roles of therapeutic ultrasound for you here.