Baby Massage

Baby Massage!

An amazing experience for both parents and baby. The massage techniques are very easy to learn and its benefits go far beyond the immediate physiologic gains.


Promotes bonding and secure attachment, feeling loved, respected and valued.


Stimulates all bodily functions, including digestion, increased awareness.


Helps relieve gas and colic, constipation and elimination, growing pains and muscular tension, teething discomfort and cramps.


Improved sleep patterns, improves muscle tone, increased calmness, reduced crying.

Baby massage is for babies 0-12 months, including preemies and special needs children up to 7 years.

A class consists of 5 sessions once a week. This allows you to learn all the strokes, and allows your baby to get used to the massage. You will learn massage stokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back, a colic routine, gentle movements and touch relaxation.

Strokes are demonstrated using a doll, a little at a time to ensure that babies are not overstimulated and respected. Only parents massage their own baby.

You will get your first massage oil and a detailed handout in class.

Our classes are baby led, so do not be concerned about the class coinciding with sleep or feed times. Spare dolls are available to practice on if your baby is sleeping. As our classes are all about communication it really is fine if your baby cries as this is naturally one of the ways they express their needs. Do not hesitate to join because you have a “difficult” baby.

At the end of each class we have space for discussion on many topics of parenting and to build connections between participants.

We bonded more and I learnt how to read her communications more seeing how she reacts to massages at different times. And health wise too, my baby’s colic issues improved a lot.

Mother to a 15 week old baby

Group class

Classes are held on Wednesdays 10 to 11 am in person in Glen Lorne and/or online.

January class 19/01/2022 to 16/01/2022
March class 02/03/2022 to 30/03/2022
May class 18/05/2022 to 15/06/2022
June class 29/06/2022 to 27/07/2022
September class 14/09/2022 to 12/10/2022
October class 26/10/2022 to 23/11/2022

60 USD

Host a class

Class for 2 or more friends who want to massage together. Great for parents who want to be with people they know already. Starts any time by arrangement.

90 USD

Private class

One on one class in your home. Starts any time by arrangement.

150 USD