For a baby with jaundice, the Biliblanket applies phototherapy where it is needed, directly on the baby’s skin. You can hold, bond and breastfeed your baby during the treatment. Your doctor will inform you if your baby’s jaundice needs treatment..

BiliBlanket Rental Service

The BiliTx phototherapy system uses blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) to convert bilirubin to waste products that are mostly excreted through urine and stool, thus reducing the bilirubin level in the baby’s blood.

The light panel is wrapped around your baby’s belly and the baby is then clothed over the equipment. This way baby can be held and fed and enjoy the healing comfort of parents while treatment is administered. The baby’s eyes do not need to be protected as with conventional phototherapy.

Key advantages

  • Supports bonding during phototherapy
  • Meets and exceeds phototherapy guidelines
  • Reduces hospital readmissions by providing therapy at home
  • Convenient, reliable and easy to use in the home
  • One-button operation
  • Long cord makes it easy to breastfeed, hold and carry the baby without interrupting phototherapy


  • The equipment needs electricity, generator or an inverter, it does not have a battery.

Treatment time can be up to 24 hours a day. The length of treatment varies from baby to baby. Most need between 1 and 3 days of treatment.

60 USD/day