Breastfeeding Support


I accompany you on your breastfeeding journey from pregnancy to weaning.

I have experience with breastfeeding preterm babies, babies with challenges to latch, painful breastfeeding, induced lactation for adoption/surrogacy, pumping and hand expressing, low milk supply and many more.

First visit

In a first visit we will spend about 1.5 hours together. I will get to know you and your baby, we will talk about what you are struggling with and how breastfeeding has been going so far. I will examine you and your baby, including baby’s oral anatomy. I will observe a full breastfeed and make suggestions for help with positioning, latch and comfort. I will weigh your baby and measure breastmilk transfer to check how much milk your baby drank. At the end of the consult we will develop a care plan that works for you.

50 USD

If you are struggling financially get your breastfeeding support immediately, pay later and payment plans for urgent breastfeeding consults are available on request. Talk with me.

Follow-up visit

In a follow-up visit we will spend 1 hour together. I will observe another full breastfeed. We will talk about the progress and make sure the problem could be resolved. If the problem is not resolved we will talk about what worked and did not work and come up with a follow-on care plan.

30 USD

Package of 3 visits

Well Baby Package
accompanies the first 3-6 weeks of breastfeeding when you are not facing any challenges, for reassurance and to avoid breastfeeding problems from the start.

Antenatal Well Baby Package
is booked during your pregnancy and includes an antenatal visit to prepare for breastfeeding in the first hours and days after birth and two visits after birth for reassurance and to avoid breastfeeding problems from the start.

Breastfeeding Care Package
is best when you experience a more challenging breastfeeding problem that needs more follow-up.

100 USD


Weaning advice per whatsapp chat is free of charge. Let me help you find a good ending to your breastfeeding journey.

Saturday/Public holiday appointments cost an extra 10 USD